Blondey McCoy’s newest exhibition

You’ve probably heard of Blondey McCoy before, or at least seen his face banded across Palace ads on the underground. As this 20-year-old Londoner has had a pretty sick career so far, racking up countless creative outlets.  

With a childhood that saw him amerced in the London skate scene, he found himself spending the majority of his time between South Bank skate park and Slam City. Which is probably why it wasn’t long before he caught the eye of brands like Palace and Supreme at an early age.

Since then he’s continued working closely with Palace, as well as launching his own clothing brand Thames, dabbling in modelling, skating for Adidas and most recently, establishing himself as an artist. So it’s safe to say he’s achieved a shit ton and should be an inspiration to other young and creatively minded individuals. As his passion and drive has allowed him to realise that making art and having fun can go hand in hand.

In terms of his artistic endeavours, his newly launched “Us and Chem.” exhibition is his fifth solo show and has been forged out of his compulsion to create, not show off.

You will see there is a big difference between that of his old work and this exhibition. His previous cut and stick photo montage style, whereby he incorporated pre existing vintage material sourced from his favourite magazine shop on Great Windmill Street in Soho has been binned. On account of the closure of this store and his reluctance to venture out of Soho or buy bits online it’s evident there has been a shift in the direction and focus of his work. 

Us and Chem. is a mirror based study in self reflection and the psychological manifestations of chemical imbalance, which draw parallels between art and therapy. Blondey describes the work as: ‘A product of disaster. Anti-drugs and pro art… the fruits of a project fuelled by hyper productivity as a means of combatting depression, rather than burying it the easy way.’

The 12 mirror pieces that make up this show see him using completely original material for the first time. These are items he has collected, curated, photographed and then printed onto mirrors, creating a London abode-ful of imagery that represent the joys and pains of interior and exterior London life.

The show also features the artists debut collaboration piece, with non other than British artist Damien Hirst.

“In feeling blue, tragically, the natural thing to do is stay blue. The creating of these new works has proven to me, more than ever before, that expressionism and making artwork is a way of temporarily exorcising that feeling. The show was created out of a compulsion to create, not one to show off, throw a party or make money. It’s making has been a revelation in accepting the need to treat bipolar as a blessing rather than a curse, and to perpetually guarantee myself that from long hum drum periods of heightened sensitivity, my most genuine and life affirming artwork is born.”

Us and Chem. Is being shown at the HENI Gallery, 6-10 Lexington Street, Soho from 27th July to 27th August. It’s worth checking out!

Top Photograph © Mike O’Meally


Blondey McCoy
Blondey McCoy
Blondey McCoy
Blondey McCoy

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