Get to know Digi-Gal Catty Tay


Fresh off the back of her most recent collab, we managed to grab a few minutes to chat with the highly sought-after digital designer, Catty Tay.

Founder of Digi-Gal and all-round 3D fashion don, Catty is leading the way in hyper-realistic, virtual clothing animation, whilst also providing a platform for women in Design.


If her recent campaign with Nike wasn’t enough, this self-taught digital specialist, with a unique and scrappy approach to learning has already worked with the likes of Adidas, Balenciaga and bootleg legend Sports Banger, to name a few.


Discussing her background and where she sees fashion in the digital world developing, we delve into the mind of this talented individual, whose capabilities of mimicking natural human movements could only be dreamt of by extraterrestrials looking to infiltrate our planet.


catty tay


Tell us about your background and how this has fed into your work today?
My background is Textile Design but I have always found myself within digital territories. I knew that to stand out within my practice, I needed to do something extra and unseen.


How would you describe your style to someone who hasn’t seen it before?
An alien-like fashion cult that survives online, imitating human fashion & culture – creating a new wave of digital-fashion-utopia. My work re-imagines the way in which we interact with digital content; creating dynamic, hyper-realistic, 100% virtual clothing and accessories. When animated, these 3D garments reflect the natural movements and physical properties found within irl fabrics.


How do you see fashion in the digital world developing?
My work bridges the gap between 3D/graphic design + fashion within digital content. This opens up a mass amount of opportunities for creatives + companies finding new ways of communicating 3D fabric forms within their visuals. On a larger scale and how I see my work progressing; I’d like to open up ways in which everyone can experience fashion through live, open source immersive + interactive showrooms. Creating inclusive events that aren’t just for the influencers within fashion.


Who or what has been the biggest influence on your way of thinking?
I was massively inspired by someone during my time at university; he made me realise you can literally teach yourself anything if you put in the hours. He encouraged me to think deeper into my practice and to always question the relevance of the work in relation to what the world really needs. I wish I could thank him for that.




You’ve worked with some big names already, but which project have you enjoyed working on the most?
I enjoyed my recent collaboration with Nike the most! Seeing my work displayed in Nike Town on Oxford street felt like an amazing achievement. During the filming, I was amazed to see just how many powerful women were on set!



You’ve also started Digi-Gal, a platform to support and showcase womxn 3D Designers, which is great to see. Can you tell us what made you set it up and where you see it going?
I began developing the concept of DIGI-GAL whilst feeling seriously unsatisfied with my previous employment and I wanted to connect with and celebrate womxn who also specialised in 3D Design/Animation. I am in talks with a large institution about creating an exhibition to showcase the talent that has been grouped together.


If there were zero limitations to technology, what would you create?
That I will keep to myself, just in case someone with money steals it.


If you fancy getting involved with @Digi-gal check them out on Insta and tag them, use the hashtag or send a DM. Keep watching, I’m sure there will be some exciting things to come with this!

Photos © Catherine Taylor

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