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An idea for a scene in a uk gangster film


February 24, 2018
February 25, 2018 (All day)
The Take Courage Gallery 388 New Cross Rd, London SE14 6TY   View map

Interested and excited by 2 works I saw recently by Ba students at Chelsea College of Art -Sam Sun and Mitch Vowles both controversial works in their own right. The works stirred up lots of conversation, I found the works standing alone had no context or allowed the viewer to set a context, that may not have been the intention of the work.

Taking another controversial Artist whose works set their own undeniable context, Ellie Pennick. Who is also the director of The Take Courage Gallery (a very apt name). By curating a show for this space, ensued a challenge to my practice. Taking the unabashed and direct nature of Ellie’s works. The task of working with controversial works and then the challenge of giving the work a context for them to operate is the underpinning idea of the show.


How does context affect?


How does de-contextualisation affect?


How can re-contextualisation free a work and set a new context?


‘An idea for a scene in a UK Gangster film’ is just that an idea where the works placed in this context operate on a different level, by placing the works within a context some of the misconceptions or misunderstanding of the works can be reset. – Andy Hart



Corsin Billeter (RCA)

Adam Garrett (Matchstick Theatre)

Andrew Hart(RCA)

Sijong Kim (RCA)

Mike McShane(Chelsea Grad)

Ellie Pennick (Chelsea Grad/Take Courage Gallery)

Dooyong Ro (RCA)

Sam Sun (Chelsea College of Art)

Mitch Vowles (Chelsea College of Art)


An idea for a scene in a uk gangster film

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