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Jennet Thomas Animal Condensed > Animal Expanded#2


June 13, 2018
July 14, 2018 (All day)
Tintype, 107 Essex Road, London N1 2SL   View map

The category ‘human’ is falling apart…..

Animal Condensed >> Animal Expanded#2, Jennet Thomas’s first solo show at Tintype, presents the
second of a trilogy of short films offering a comic-sardonic look at the nefarious reality of intensive farming and AI. A charged skirmish between conformity and dissent quickly escalates into exceedingly strange domestic science-fiction.


A man and woman speak urgently to camera about their relationship with an intelligent substance they call ‘Animal Expanded’. The man has swallowed Animal Condensed; as it expands it flows throughout his home, improving his family. He holds his five-year-old daughter up to camera: “Look how her fibres are formatting! She is her very own accelerated portfolio.”


Left alone, the daughter plays games on her laptop, troubled by a corrupted Peppa Pig, and the magical appearance in her bedroom of a man in an alarming folk costume. Her father plays with his Newton’s Cradle executive toy, that has the power to miraculously multiply piglets.


An older woman, hiding out in the woods, will not swallow Animal Condensed – it’s not alive in the right way. For this disobedience she is tracked by Deep Face and punished with Confusion Events. But in her studio she is building new weapons, moving sculptures with skewed faces and stark black and white stripes that will Re-align the narrative centre.


Jennet Thomas presents her films in extraordinary, visually co-ordinated environments in which objects and performance are threaded through the exhibition. Using Tintype’s window as an extra dimension, sculptural objects that are both props and art works, reach out of and beyond the film’s narrative.


The exhibition also includes the screening of Animal Condensed >Animal Expanded#1.



Jennet Thomas Animal Condensed > Animal Expanded#2

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