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Designing an Ethical App for Freelance Cleaners


April 7, 2018
April 7, 2018 (All day)
SPACE, 129-131 Mare Street, London E8 3RH   View map

What if there was an UBER for cleaners, with a license which belonged to the cleaners rather than a profit-driven corporation? You are invited to join collective practice They Are Here, Ekaterina Belcheva (Ultimately Eco Cleaning)and software engineers Priyanka Shah and Amelia Crowther to conceptually design and talk through an Ethical App for Freelance Cleaners.

The workshop will encourage you to imagine how this platform might function, how it might look and how people might use it. Can we really create applications that redistribute the cash flow of the gig economy more fairly?


This session is to brainstorm ideas and no technical experience is necessary.



Priyanka Shah is currently studying for a masters degree in Computer Science at Imperial College London. Her interests include machine learning and formal verification of programs, as well as computer architecture and design.


Amelia Crowther is a London-based software engineer interested in machine learning. They study computer science and aspire to work ethically with Artificial Intelligence. They work on the interface between computation and art, to increase the physical presence of software.


Ekaterina Belcheva is CEO of Ultimately Eco Cleaning. Arriving to the UK from Bulgaria, she went from part-time cleaning work to setting up a successful ethical cleaning company of her own, turning down business offers as she kept to her principles in order to make the cleaning business a green business. 10 years later Ultimately Eco Cleaning is continuing to grow and is serving domestic and commercial clients all around London. Their motto is healthy, ethical and green cleaning.


Designing an Ethical App for Freelance Cleaners

Designing an Ethical App for Freelance Cleaners

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