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Equal Voices


February 22, 2018
March 2, 2018 (All day)
Royal College of Art (Dyson Gallery) Hester Road, London SW11 4AN   View map

Equal Voices is a temporary training centre and group exhibition generated by a collective of artists from across the RCA school with diverging practices that intersect ideas of shifting and destabilising the centre ground.

Power centres are provoked in a myriad of contexts from the hegemony of western-centred views in contemporary art to questioning why the role of the speaker is so valued and the role of the listener is devalued in educational contexts. With a range of artistic practices, the group investigates the voice through vocal practices as well as non-speaking forms of communication. Whilst borrowing non-hierarchical methods from activist groups we have worked collectively to question power centres through the process of organising as well as the exhibition content. Through developing a fictional scenario, a new boardroom emerges.


//Our era is marked by a widespread disillusionment with neo-liberalism despite its influence that seems to have no end. The issue younger generations now grapple with is how to develop and implement a political strategy that is effective and specific to the present cultural context. How, they wonder, can we emancipate ourselves from old ideals while still trapped in the reins of failing governments and institutions?// (except from text by Rachel Yalisove, Public Sphere MA, RCA).


Artists: Shamma Al Amri, Alex Parry, Cicilia Östholm, Rachel Yalisove, Milagros Bedoya, Sadie Edginton, Nazanin Rahami, Aurora Gazm, Sing Hang Tam, Eleni Papazoglou and Sofya Chibisguleva.


Equal Voices

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