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Fallen by Glibbery and Leon


June 9, 2018
June 9, 2018 (All day)
Studio RCA Riverlight, 1 Riverlight Quay, Nine Elms Lane, London SW8 5AU   View map

As in the past principle of fall. Having dropped, come down from an upright position, a raised level to the ground, prostrate, down flat, exhausted they lay fallen. The voices that represent us, fail to represent me, and their wicked tongues only compound my own self-pity. I wait for trains in the morning, following other expressionless faces, and we wait, and we breathe, and we continue, silent as ever, surrounded by noise.

Joshua Leon (b. 1990, London, UK)

Lives in London, England. Publications include: Offline Press, Orlando & GAIA Art Foundation. Recent exhibitions include: Adventitious Encounters, Open Space Contemporary, London (2018); Inhale, Filet, London (2018); I’ll be More Social Tomorrow, Chalton Gallery, London (2017); The Readers, téte, Berlin (2017); Montvalent Art Festival, Montvalent France (2017); Lost Senses, Guest Projects London (2017); Show 17, Royal College of Art London (2017).


Adam Glibbery (b. 1991 Essex, UK)

Lives in London, England. Recent projects include INHALE, Filet Space, London, (2018); The Reinvention of Love, Century Soho, London, (2018); Common Characters, Riad Biba, Marrakesh, (2017); Horizontal Smile, Hockney Gallery, London, (2017).


Fallen by Glibbery and Leon

Fallen by Glibbery and Leon

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