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February 19, 2018
February 19, 2018 (All day)
Peckham Library, 122 Peckham Hill Street, London SE15 5JZ   View map

hmn is a quarterly sound-based test centre organised by Anne Tallentire and Chris Fite-Wassilak, an evening event where artists, thinkers and work-ers from a range of backgrounds are each given up to seven minutes to present new work. Hmn aims to provide a simple, intimate and unique platform for testing what sound is and can be.

This twelfth edition of hmn will feature Anna Barham, Bronwen Buckeridge, Taylor Le Melle and Benjamin Owen.


Anna Barham works with language as raw material – moving it between different forms and technologies to create complex feedback loops between subject and system. Her works which include video, text and live events, consider fluid relationships between bodies, sounds and images in the continual transformation of ‘sense’.


Bronwen Buckeridge is an artist based in London. Her work is built around a search for a world that extends beyond the boundaries of ordinary sensory experience, and in-cludes a live audio session featuring conversations with dogs, an earthwork made with the assistance of witches, and an exhibition curated by spirits.


Taylor Le Melle is a curator and runs PSS with Rowan Pow-ell.


Benjamin Owen is a London-based artist using film, music and performance. His work aims to expand the idea of cin-ema and community, creating environments where social po-tential of artforms may coexist. Lately musical culture has played a central role with performers producing musi-cal counterpoints to interviews, performances, live events and films.


Chris Fite-Wassilak is a writer and critic, a regular contributor to art publications and the author of other writings on dry cleaning, speech bubbles and abandoned sculpture parks.


Anne Tallentire is an artist who employs concepts such as itinerancy and residue in relation to urban environments. Her work juxtaposes action, objects and image using a range of media such as video, text, sound, performance and photography.



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