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May 9, 2018
May 23, 2018 (All day)
VON GOETZ ART, 41 Acre Lane, Brixton, London SW2 5TN   View map

Von Goetz Art is pleased to announce its upcoming show Hot Milk. The group exhibition brings together the practices of eight artists, working across painting, sculpture, ceramic and video.

The feminist project of Hot Milk, rather than underpinning the work on display, aims instead to call attention to itself—asking if and how the theoretical and historical substance of Feminism can find a use value or relevance for emerging contemporary artists. In the postmodern form of feminism—popularly termed postfeminism, by some—the movement has lost its unified telos, becoming the collective expression of an individualistic polymorph. Contemporary feminisms [plural, therefore] embrace difference and multiplicity. Modernism’s singular “movements,” its monism and worship of genius, sewed its own demise, and political import has been left in the hands of the personal, instead of the collective.


In spite of its obvious successes, feminism is considered to some a failed project[1]; is this evidence enough that collective action must return to fulfill its promise? And is #MeToo the emergence of pop [cyber] feminism that has to potential to re-energise a now-historic political ideology? The Post_Institute will become a “safe space” for the tenure of Hot Milk, creating a confluence of artistic practices under the umbrella of feminist theory, encouraging a reading of the artworks on display both on their own terms and in the context of postfeminism.


This soft conceptual framework at hand can be considered thus: can feminism be a unifying political and theoretical agent for contemporary artists?


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