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April 14, 2018
April 23, 2018 (All day)
Elmer, 106 Natal Road, London SW16 6HZ   View map

Elmer is pleased to announce its first residency, which will take place throughout April, with the magnificent Alex McNamee! The main exhibition is ‘mere’.

“My approach to making is instinctive and tactile – investigating language’s link to objects. My practice tries to emphasise the correlation between the material, object and language; highlighting the very nature of thinking. Rocks that look like ham sit next to screens imbedded in fake rocks; the sense of touch and 3D / 2D realities are layered between concrete, sand and glass. Using both technology and naturally occurring materials, I try to follow and interpret the way in which every person experiences the world differently. Objects, whether they are in a landscape, on a screen or in a hand, change in aesthetics, meaning and function anytime anyone looks at, thinks about or touches them. What we label things determines how they perform, functionally and aesthetically. For example, a smoker will see a sea shell as an ashtray, but to a non-smoker it is a soap dish; or to another it is an ornament. Without beings present to activate it, it is a shell or simply a shape.


I am becoming increasingly intrigued by the link between offline and online language; how online written code becomes a very physical offline experience. The tech object is now a way of life: a way of seeing, acting, understanding and communicating with the world around us. Realities are blurring as we reach for glowing images. We ‘touch’ the worlds presented to us, yet always feel smooth glass – the mysterious images are always slightly too far away.” – Alex McNamee




Elmer is an artist run initiative based in Streatham, south London. We aim to support emerging artists and encourage engagement with the public and neighbouring community through monthly residencies.



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