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Rotating Edible Object


March 2, 2018
March 17, 2018 (All day)
Chalton Gallery 96 Chalton Street, London NW1 1HJ   View map

Rotating Edible Object presents works by Rosie Carr, Natalie Kynigopoulou, Edward Nowill, Anna Reading and James Rollo. A selection of physically and allegorically rotating objects will be exhibited in an attempt to measure an object’s trajectory, from its inception to potential destruction, gauging the subtle relationship between the material and ethereal detritus picked up along the way.

An object is always an object, but its ‘time dimension’ acts as a magnet for cultural debris – ideas, narrative, matter – which it both accumulates and penetrates, thereby constructing layers of meaning. Orbiting thoughts about the ingredients that fold into an artistic practice are displayed, using text, moving-image, performance and installation. This selection of objects has been bought together in an attempt to understand the stickiness of time. Objects are presented as portals that link to other places, inside and outside of each other, forwards and backwards across the invisible fourth dimension.


Rosie Carr will be using Chalton Gallery for the duration of the exhibition to develop and research her film work-in-progress ‘The Battle of San Romano – Morning Noon and Night’ (working title) which has been selected as part of the inaugural FLAMIN fellowship 2017/18. She will use the gallery to recreate and film objects/portals within the painting in an attempt to answer the question “what would these paintings say to each other if they could communicate across time and space?” This 15th century oil painting by Paolo Uccello is a triptych currently residing in 3 parts – in London, Paris, and Florence.


Rotating Edible Object

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