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EditedArts: WOMB


March 22, 2018
March 22, 2018 (All day)
The Glove That Fits 179 Morning Lane, Hackney, London E96LH   View map

EditedArts’ next experimental event WOMB takes place on March 22 at Glove That Fits. The evening is inspired by ‘Foetus Techno’, an artwork by Mira Varg that explores a relationship between techno and humans at the most core level – our heartbeat in a mother’s womb.

For this night only, EditedArts has commissioned an expanded version of Mira’s work. She will fully transform the rooms of a newly launched, intimate Hackney space – Glove That Fits – into an interactive art installation. Three musical stages will guide the visitors through the night: from the Harmonic Conception to the Introduction of Rhythm to the Intense Release, creating an exploratory journey of our existence.


‘Rave is the flagship of today’s shamanism. It indicated a gathering of people who dance to synthetic music with the rhythm of 120 beats per minute – also the heartbeat of the embryo in the womb. It explores the connection between the embryonic womb state and techno/acid house music.’ – Mira Varg.


As usual for EditedArts, the event features an unconventional line-up of emerging and established artists, who work on the cutting edge of image and sound. Live acts will be playing all night, including Ewa Justka (electronic acid-technoise), Graham Dunning (mechanical techno), Dane Law (shattered tones of pop and techno), Aurelia Trojanovska (techno, drone, ambient, IDM) and Patrica Puertas (variety of rhythms, heavy percussion and smooth grooves).


About EditedArts:

EditedArts is an artist-run organisation launched in 2017. It is a platform for artists that offers a range of art experiences, both in digital and physical form. We host, create and promote the multidisciplinary projects through events, exhibitions, collaborative projects and online content. The focus is on cooperation between individuals and experimental artistic forms: image – sound – installation – performance – events – curation.



EditedArts: WOMB

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