Drool Creatives as you know it has changed

Due to a continued lack of support from the very galleries and curators, we were backing and supporting, we have decided to close Drool Creatives for now….Instead we are focusing our attention on our new venture, www.drool.co.uk – a new online gallery and store selling affordable art by emerging and early career artists. It’s launched in aim of removing the elitist control galleries and art institutes have over the art world.

Built on the same premise and with the same goals, we will continue to support and nurture the careers of young creative. However, this time we’re taking the stress and hassle of selling artwork away from artists, whilst giving them up to 85% of the profits!!

We are giving people a chance to purchase something truly unique. We’ll have a huge selection of original artwork as well as prints and frames.

Visit our fancy new website at www.drool.co.uk