The subtle absurdity and acceptance of our new era

London based photographer Jamie Tilley has shared his newest series with us.

Entitled Post-Modemism: Culture, Artefect And No-Place, the project looks to observe how we are in constant connection with wider networks of devices and people through hand-held devices and electronics. Many of which are powered by lithium batteries, created from mining some of the earths rarest minerals.

By using broad photographic strokes the project offers both bold and nuanced vignettes on themes of contemporary mobile technologies, connectivity and our personal attachments to the devices as facilitators. Which as a result presents the subtle absurdity and elegant acceptance of this new era, either through elevating the mundane architecture of the technologies, replacing objects or juxtaposing them in surprising positions.

We are now in a time where people are becoming more and more of an avatar than their true self.”

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