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It’s been a mental year so far; what with Brexit, intensified uncertainties and cuts to funding, it’s not surprising that people are worried about a ripple effect that could put a strain on London’s creative future.

That being said, for nearly a decade now the creative industry has been the fastest-growing part of the economy, with the overall value of the creative industry to the UK and London’s economy being staggering. It contributes almost £90bn net to GDP; accounts for 1 in 11 jobs and has rising at a rate more quickly than all other parts of the economy.

However, there is a gaping hole in the government’s strategic approach, as it consistently refuses to understand the link between arts education and economic success. The policy, therefore, deprives people from an early age (particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds) right into adulthood. Through a combination of less creatively focused curriculums, art galleries pondering whether to shut up shop post-Brexit and potentially less funding and access to talent; people are heading to become less and less connected to the industry. Which will inevitably snowball into catastrophic economic and social consequences that wont take long to play out.

So it’s now more important than ever to future-proof the scene by supporting it and involving yourself on a regular basis. As your support, at any level, is extremely valuable and will act as a vital contribution in many ways.

There’s a buzz and an appetite in London right now that’s quite visceral, right across the board, so we need harness this and maintain an active creative community to ensure it thrives.


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Stay informed with What’s On? each week, as weekday evenings and the weekends present inexcusable opportunities to get involved. To get you started, why not read our article on 5 London galleries worth getting to know (part 1).

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