Opening this week

Openings This Week
Talk/Discussion Opening Today

Carl Miller: Power in the Digital Age

August 14, 2018 |  Free
The book is a groundbreaking examination of the changing nature of power in the digital age. From a cyber-crime raid in suburbia to the engine rooms of Silicon Valley, and from the digital soldiers of Berkshire to the hackers of Las Vegas, Miller traces how power is being transformed, fought...
Exhibition Opening Today
Let me entertain you!

Let me entertain you!

August 14, 2018-  August 18, 2018 |  Free
Georgia Stephenson and Nina Davies present a body of works exploring exchanges in performance. Selected works by artists Michael Hautemulle, Nina Davies and Flora Hunt invite you to explore the interactions between body, language and action. Wedge your tongue firmly in your cheek and join in.  
Talk/Discussion Opening Tomorrow


August 15, 2018 |  £8.00
Somerset House Studios resident Gaika talks to Novara Media’s Ash Sarkar about the politics of sound system culture, Windrush and SYSTEM, a month-long audio visual installation exploring themes of immigration, cultural expression and raw technical prowess which is at the heart of sound system culture through archival source material, commissioned...
Film/Screening Opening Tomorrow


August 15, 2018 |  Free
An evening of short films selected by the REcreative Editorial Board, MUBI and the South London Gallery. The REcreative Editorial Board are a group of young artists and curators at the beginning stages of their career, who meet monthly to shape and produce content for, as well as curate...
Exhibition Opening Soon
Kevin Berry COCKFIGHT at doomed gallery


August 16, 2018-  August 19, 2018 |  Free
Artist and photographer Kevin Berry’s debut solo exhibition simply titled ‘Cockfight’ delves into the murky world of cockfighting, an ancient bloodsport that has been banned in most countries yet is still hugely popular and widely practised in some parts of the world. Whilst in the Caribbean, the artist met individuals...
Talk/Discussion Opening Soon
Are you there? I'm here

Are you there? I’m here

August 17, 2018-  August 25, 2018 |  Free
‘Are you there? I’m here’ is an exhibition of new painting, sculpture and video by four artists responding to contemporary cultures’ devotional and dizzying relationship with the digital screen. An immersive music and performance event, based around themes of transformation, desire, anxiety and immersion will be held to coincide with...
Event Opening Soon
HUSH HUSH Conversations with Myself

Hush Hush: Conversations with Myself

August 17, 2018-  August 19, 2018 |  Free
Conversations with Myself is a curated event, bringing together a diverse range of digital and site-specific works that address ideas relating to internal dialogue and the idea of a ‘dialogical self’. Concrete Assembly is a London-based art collective, composed of curator, Maisie Linford and artists Cosima Cobley Carr, and Pietro...
Event Opening Soon


August 17, 2018-  August 18, 2018 |  £5.00
Witness the new wave of Street Culture artists from the UK and beyond hosted by Portia Ferrari. Curated by artist, choreographer and innovator Ivan Blackstock, NSF CRXSS PLATFXRM will host live performances, art installations and screenings. Dedicated to celebrating and supporting artists who cross pollinate, CRXSS PLATFXRM brings together dance,...
Event Opening Soon

FEM Festival: Summer Edition

August 18, 2018 |  Free
A summer evening of music, talks, stalls, workshops, food and beers all celebrating intersectional feminism and femme led DIY. Hosted by FEM Zine, featuring talks with Liv Wynter and Ayesha Tan Jones, a podcast filming with Sistren, some of the uk’s best zine’s and DIY projects, workshops including art block...