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June 20, 2018-  June 24, 2018 |  Free
ABOVE&BELOW explores what the future might look like between the digital and physical space. The emerging London-based art & design studio ABOVE & BELOW shows in their upcoming exhibition TERRAIN what the future might look like between our digital and physical space. The studio believes in the rise of a new terrain between our digital and physical environment, showing this through an Augmented Reality sculpture, a CGI film and interactive interventions. The exhibition pieces act as stimulus to discuss the future of humans, machines and the planet’s landscape.   Framed by a year long commission by art and tech institution...

Frances Scott: Diviner

June 20, 2018-  June 24, 2018 |  Free
Diviner takes its title from a short documentary ‘Diviner Water in Luppitt’ (1976), housed in the South West Film and Television Archive (SWFTA) in Plymouth. ‘Diviner’ is a term originating from the 15th century to describe a person who might use special powers to predict future events, or for someone who seeks out water under the ground with the use of a divining or dowsing rod.   Ideas of searching for meaning in matter score the work, structured as a visual and aural script, in which a conversation occurs between voices and incidental sounds in the original recordings. Diviner is...

Yuan Goang-Ming: Tomorrowland

June 20, 2018-  August 6, 2018 |  Free
Pioneering Taiwanese video artist Yuan Goang-Ming continues his study of ruins, homes and dwellings in this free exhibition. Featuring three recent videos, this is Yuan Goang-Ming’s first solo exhibition in a UK public institution.   The works address what he refers to as the ‘perplexing state of the world today’, touching on a range of topics including surveillance, nuclear power, and the sense of estranged normality that looms over everyday existence in the shadow of various potential crises.   Born in 1965 in Taipei, Yuan Goang-Ming is widely recognised as one of the most influential artists working in the field...
Exhibition Opening Tomorrow


June 22, 2018-  August 5, 2018 |  Free
SOU FUJIMOTO: FUTURES OF THE FUTURE, is an exhibition held in collaboration with Tokyo’s TOTO GALLERY・MA. Seen for the first time in the UK, the exhibition explores the innovative works of one of Japan’s most influential contemporary architects. Fujimoto’s vision of the future is not a fully imagined set of assumptions but is to plant the seeds of inspiration and potential. This exhibition looks at not only current projects but also Fujimoto’s architectural experiments for the future asking the visitor to share in imagining a variety of futures of the future.   Accompanying the exhibition is a lecture by Sou...
Workshop Opening Tomorrow

The Distorted Form: from Francis Bacon to Henry Moore

June 22, 2018-  June 23, 2018 |  £26.79
London Drawing Group is excited to announce that for ONE WEEK ONLY – The Distorted Form: From Francis Bacon to Henry Moore, one of our original and most successful Drawing Tours is BACK with a vengeance! Francis Bacon and Henry Moore, two monolithic figures of modernist British Art, both take as their creative naissance the theme of the body. Distorted, warped and experimented with to often almost unrecognisable proportions, their work is littered with altered states and hybrid creatures. Join London Drawing Group for this day-long Drawing Tour as we step inside the Tate Britain to explore what it is...
Talk/Discussion Opening Soon

Autonomy and artist-run space

June 23, 2018 |  Free
Join members of Auto Italia South East, Marianne Forrest and Ed Gillman, in exploring ideas of autonomous artist-led spaces and asking what autonomy can look like – and what its terms are – for artists working in London today. Auto Italia is an artist-run organisation that commissions and produces new work, collaborating directly with emerging artists to provide a framework for developing alternative approaches to production and exhibition formats. Auto Italia was founded in 2007 by a group of fine art graduates as a response to an absence of accessible space to show work and a desire to create a...