What’s on this week?


Marianna Simnett

March 22, 2018-  July 8, 2018 |  Free
British artist Marianna Simnett creates fable-like film, performance, sound and light installations that examine the sense of intimacy yet anxious unfamiliarity we experience with our own bodies. She particularly focuses on the means we deploy to control these bodies, both technological and cultural. The exhibition presents a group of recent work from the Zabludowicz Collection: three films The Udder (2014), Blood (2015), and Blue Roses (2016) – installed as a trilogy for the first time – alongside a sound and light installation Faint with Light (2016).   Simnett’s films unfold from multiple, occasionally impossible perspectives (from within dreams or personifying...

I must create a Master Piece to pay the Rent

June 7, 2018-  August 12, 2018 |  Free
This is the first survey exhibition devoted to the work of the late Julie Becker (1972–2016). Embedded in the psychological, cinematic and material geographies of Los Angeles, her home city, Becker produced a legendary, yet underrepresented body of installations, sculpture, drawings, photographs and video. These works speak to the language and mythology of the late 20th century American Dream turned nightmare, drawing from sources as diverse as Stephen King’s The Shining, Disney’s fantasy The Gnome-Mobile, Kay Thompson’s children’s books Eloise and suburban stoner myths espousing the karmic convergence between The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of...

MUSIC HACKSPACE 2018 Programmes

September 4, 2017-  December 31, 2018 |  Free
Music Hackspace continue their unique programme of workshops, free artist talks, software sessions and one-off events to Somerest House Studios as part of a two year residency. Music Hackspace is a platform for experimenting and interacting with sound and technology. Incorporating diverse methodologies and aiming to create an open playground and exchange of ideas and sounds that embraces new and old technologies. Newly available open source platforms, both hardware and software, are granting far wider accessibility to new interactions with music and audio that has not been possible before. It’s with these technologies that Music Hackspace base their programme of...

Somewhere in Between

March 8, 2018-  August 27, 2018 |  Free
Art, science and somewhere in between. Four collaborations between artists and scientists give shape to intangible ideas. Somewhere in Between brings together the work of four contemporary artists: Martina Amati, Daria Martin, Maria McKinney and John Walter. Each collaborated with scientists to explore ideas that are vital to human life – ideas about our food sources, our senses, our sexual health and the limitations of our bodies.   Experience these four immersive installations at Wellcome Collection, exhibited together for the first time, which reveal the hidden connections and systems that lie between and beneath us.  


March 14, 2018-  August 5, 2018 |  £10.00
A pioneer of performance. Hero to a generation of younger artists, Joan Jonas is a pioneer of performance and video who has pushed the boundaries of art for the last five decades.   Experience the largest exhibition of Jonas’s work ever held in the UK. Early works from the late 1960s are shown alongside recent installations dealing with topical themes such as climate change and extinction. You can see her landmark installations including Lines in the Sand, The Juniper Tree and Reanimation.   For the first time at Tate Modern, a single artist’s work is explored in the exhibition galleries,...


March 8, 2018-  September 9, 2018 |  £22.00
A month-by-month journey through Picasso’s ‘year of wonders’. 1932 was an intensely creative period in the life of the 20th century’s most influential artist.   This is the first ever solo Pablo Picasso exhibition at Tate Modern. It will bring you face-to-face with more than 100 paintings, sculptures and drawings, mixed with family photographs and rare glimpses into his personal life.   The myths around Picasso are stripped away to reveal the man and the artist in his full complexity and richness. You will see him as never before.   ‘I paint the way some people write an autobiography. The...

Hanae Wilke ‘Close Quarters’

April 13, 2018-  June 24, 2018 |  Free
A new body of work by London based artist Hanae Wilke. Informed by her surroundings and starting with an observation, Wilke constructs sculptures and installations from industrial materials such as metal, pipes, brackets, fibreglass and resin. These works borrow qualities from existing and familiar objects, structures, forms, and systems that are often overlooked. Through material investigations, Wilke explores weight, tactility, texture, gesture and colour and the ways in which they act with and within space. Drawing on the typography and language of narrowboats, Wilke examines alternative modes of living and habitable structures that could fit into speculative future narratives. These...

We are having a little flirt

April 24, 2018-  July 8, 2018 |  Free
Join Pump House Gallery for the exhibition of ‘We are having a little flirt’, a group exhibition offering perspectives on the uncertainty of attraction and desire. Through playful interaction, the exhibition examines the theatre of small everyday exchanges whilst also considering the shifting politics of human interaction in a digital age. Works ranging from installation, video and performance test the boundaries of the artists’ relationships with friends, future and past lovers, and even their audiences.   Exhibiting artist Adam Christensen will be performing at the preview.   The exhibition is curated by Paula Zambrano and Ned McConnell.  

Words fail me

April 28, 2018-  June 24, 2018 |  Free
Auto Italia is pleased to announce Words fail me, a new exhibition and events programme initiated by artist Adam Gallagher, featuring collaborations with Curtly Thomas and Nikhil Vettukattil. “How the scheme works: The pharmacy staff will ask you for basic details about yourself, including initials, date of birth, gender, ethnic origin and the first half of your postcode. Please remember to give the same information each time you visit the pharmacy. You do not need to give any further personal details that could identify you. All information is entirely confidential and is not passed to anyone else and cannot be...

Nicholas Crombach The End of the Chase

May 3, 2018-  June 30, 2018 |  Free
Crombach has created a series works that examine the cultural significance and the complex issues percolating around hunting and sporting traditions in the 21st century. Crombach’s Fetch (2018) refers to the mythology of Diana and Actaeon as he transforms the lofty and classical story of metamorphoses into a game of fetch in the local park, constructed on a grand scale. In Fetch (2018), Crombach creates a hybrid between the art historical imagery from paintings of hounds hunting stags with the flashy colours and synthetic materials of modern day dog chew toys. The sculpture is displayed alongside a variety of chew...

Dark Corners

May 11, 2018-  November 11, 2018 |  Free
Visit a free display exhibiting the winning entries from our Dark Corners competition, held in collaboration with British Journal of Photography. The Museum of London invited all London’s photographers to respond to an area of the city after dark. Five works have been selected, one each from north, south, east, west and central London. Together these represent five contemporary perspectives on the many nocturnal worlds of the capital, complementing our major photography exhibition London Nights.   All images © the gallery and artist(s)    

British Summer Time (BST)

May 9, 2018-  June 23, 2018 |  Free
Half mocking, half nostalgic British Summer Time, distills the allure and revulsion of that particularly British sea-side summer experience. From the conservative old folks of Bournemouth and the Isle of White to the wonderfully excruciating pleasures of Blackpool, South Shields, and Margate, there is the tinny echo of faded Little Britain. Surrounded by half wrought tokens of a forgotten empire, OAP’s wheeze to the poolside in sweat-drenched shirts, just about surviving the sudden rain only to have ‘that nice foreign nurse’ resuscitate them as the sun beats down at midday and it all becomes too much. We are an island...

Anwar Jalal Shemza: Paintings from the 1960s

May 10, 2018-  June 23, 2018 |  Free
Hales Gallery is delighted to announce Paintings from the 1960s, a solo exhibition of works by Anwar Jalal Shemza (1928 – 85). The exhibition focuses on paintings from early-mid 1960s, created in the decade following Shemza’s relocation from Pakistan to the UK. Born in Simla, India in 1928 to Kashmiri and Punjabi parents, Shemza attended Mayo School of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan. In 1956, already an established artist and writer in his home land, he relocated to England to study at the Slade School of Fine Art. This move marked a significant change in the artist’s life and practice. Astonished...


April 26, 2018-  August 27, 2018 |  Free
Discover Brice’s take on the longstanding art-historical tradition of the female nude. Lisa Brice is a South-African born, London-based artist. On show at Tate for the first time, Brice’s work includes large-scale new and recent paintings which address the longstanding art-historical tradition of the female nude. Shown alongside sketches, drawings and studies, her paintings recast female subjects from art historical paintings, photographs and the media into new environments, imbuing them with a newfound sense of self possession.   Brice captures women in moments of down-time, engaged in a private world, performing everyday rituals. Her work reverses the traditional portrayal of...

Anne Hardy

April 26, 2018-  August 27, 2018 |  Free
This is the fourth solo exhibition at the gallery by Anne Hardy where she presents the UK debut of her new film Area of Overlap (2018, Super 16mm film transferred to digital projection with audio) in a specially created cinema setting. In the upstairs gallery Flutter, a large freestanding photo-structure will be shown. The new short film is made within the landscape of Hardy’s immersive FIELD work, Falling and Walking (phhhhhhhhhhh phosshh-hhhcrrhhhhhzzz mn huaooogh). Created around the sound score she composed for her installation the film moves us through shifting views of that environment. Drawing and sculptural elements form the...

Language Strategies

May 17, 2018-  July 20, 2018 |  Free
The ACF London, in partnership with the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, presents Language Strategies, an exhibition of artists whose work engages with the challenges of communicating. The exhibition includes recent graduates of the Academy of Fine Art Vienna alongside London-based artists, whose work confronts topics such as migration, fake news, discrimination and bureaucracy.   Featured artists based in Vienna: Alaa Alkurdi, Alexander Jackson Wyatt, Andrea Maurer and Marika Schmiedt & collaborators. Featured artists based in London: Jennifer Walshe, Shao-Jie Lin and Eva Schach.   Please register for the opening...