What’s on this week?


Yayoi Kusama

October 3, 2018-  December 21, 2018 |  Free
THE MOVING MOMENT WHEN I WENT TO THE UNIVERSE features new paintings, the iconic My Eternal Soul series, painted bronze pumpkin and flower sculptures, and a large-scale Infinity. This major exhibition of new works by Yayoi Kusama, takes place across the Wharf Road galleries and waterside garden of Victoria Miro....

Marc Vallée: London & Paris 2011-2018

September 14, 2018-  December 21, 2018 |  Free
For seven years photographer Marc Vallée has been documenting graffiti writers across London and Paris. This exhibition brings together for the first time images from Writers, Number Six, Vandals and the City, The Graffiti Trucks of Paris and The Graffiti Trucks of London. A unique solo exhibition curated by Steve...

MUSIC HACKSPACE 2018 Programmes

September 4, 2017-  December 31, 2018 |  Free
Music Hackspace continue their unique programme of workshops, free artist talks, software sessions and one-off events to Somerest House Studios as part of a two year residency. Music Hackspace is a platform for experimenting and interacting with sound and technology. Incorporating diverse methodologies and aiming to create an open playground...


July 23, 2018-  July 31, 2019 |  Free
American artist Jenny Holzer presents statements that can provoke strong responses. Whether encountered on city streets or in art galleries, Jenny Holzer’s work asks us to consider the words and messages that surround us. Her art takes many forms, including stone benches, projections, signs, posters, paintings, plaques and textiles. Words...


September 26, 2018-  January 6, 2019 |  £10.00
One of the best-known prizes for visual arts in the world. The Turner Prize returns to Tate Britain for its 34th edition. The prize is awarded to a British artist for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the preceding year as determined by a jury. Tackling...

Beazley Designs of the Year 2018

September 12, 2018-  January 6, 2019 |  £12.00
Every year since 2008 hundreds of design experts from around the world nominate the most innovative and thought-provoking designs from the past 12 months. Discover this year’s top picks across fashion, architecture, digital, transport, product and graphic design. Design experts, practitioners and academics from across the world are asked by...

Alter Heroes Coalition

September 22, 2018-  December 15, 2018 |  Free
This exhibition presents a selection of artworks which explore the concept of an alter ego. The artists included in the show reinvent themselves as unconventional and empowering heroes reflecting on cultural displacement, belonging and unbecoming. The show exposes the constructed nature of identity and challenges gendered behaviours by embracing the...

Space Shifters

September 26, 2018-  January 9, 2019 |  Free
A major thematic exhibition featuring artworks by over 20 international artists that alter or disrupt our sense of space and re-orient our understanding of our surroundings in ways that are by turns subtle and dramatic. Often constructed from reflective or translucent materials, including glass and resin, the artworks in Space...

Chris Burden

September 26, 2018-  January 9, 2019 |  Free
Gagosian is pleased to present Measured, an exhibition of two large-scale works by Chris Burden: 1 Ton Crane Truck (2009) and Porsche with Meteorite (2013). With a series of startling actions in the early 1970s, Burden challenged his own mental and physical limitations, and with them the boundaries of art...

Living with Buildings

October 4, 2018-  March 4, 2019 |  Free
How does our built environment affect us? This major exhibition about health and architecture examines the positive and negative influence buildings have on our physical and mental health. Architects, planners and designers can have a powerful influence on our health and self-esteem, as well as ideas around community and society....

Pierre Huyghe: UUmwelt

October 3, 2018-  February 10, 2019 |  Free
Pierre Huyghe, one of the world’s leading artists, known for creating complex immersive ecosystems, presents a major new exhibition at the Serpentine. For the exhibition, the Gallery has become a porous and contingent environment, housing different forms of cognition, emerging intelligence, biological reproduction and instinctual behaviours.   ‘I don’t want...